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There are a handful of amazing bath houses in Budapest Hungary but in my humble opinion Szechenyi is the best overall when it comes to what the space has to offer. You can explore the various thermal baths, pools, etc… of Budapest here at this website: In the post I would like to explore some of the reasons I fell in love with



The place is magnificent. Every square inch of this bath house is a piece of history. Incredible stone work and arch ways, beautiful tile work, intricate stone columns. You are essentially in a palace fit for a king turned thermal bath house. You Really just have to see it to believe it, I mean look at these pictures.



I visited many beautiful thermal bath houses in Budapest but none had more things to do than Szechenyi. This place has it all from the hottest tub to a freezing cold dunking pool right outside of a steam room. When paying to get in ask for a cabin, it’s worth the extra dollar for a private changing room as opposed to a locker. The beautiful outdoor area is cut up in to 3 different sections, a huge hot pool, a swimming pool for laps and a room temperature pool with a whirlpool in the center. The indoor area has everything in a spa that you could possibly imagine. Here is a list of some of the amazing features I enjoyed.

  • Huge hot outdoor pool.
  • Huge outdoor pool for swimming laps.
  • Huge room temperature outdoor pool with a whirlpool.
  • Very hot sauna.
  • Not as hot sauna
  • Very hot steam room
  • Very hot herbal steam room (what were the herbs I was breathing in? idk.).
  • A freezing cold dunking pool right outside the steam room.
  • Various indoor soaking pools covering a myriad of temperatures, 11 in total.
  • Food, drinks, ice cream, alcoholic beverages etc…
  • Lounging chairs, benches, tables etc….
  • Massages
  • Aqua Fitness Classes

Who knows what else I missed, there were days I would spend an hour for a quick relaxing soak, and days where I would spend 5 hours there just wandering around in pure bliss. This place really has it all, I went here at least 10 times and still feel like I missed out on a few things.



Yup, you can sit in a huge thermal pool and enjoy a game of chess. There are plenty of opponents if you don’t have someone with you to play and the regulars are very friendly and always looking for a new challenger. Grab yourself a beer and post up around the chess boards, even just watching the games play out is a fun and incredible experience. Might seem like a small detail but it really is an amazing feature of the space.


I am an incredibly skinny guy, not really toned and certainly not what the world deems traditionally attractive. I have never felt more comfortable in a bathing suit in my entire life. People of all shapes and sizes flaunt their bodies with confidence, there is no judgement at this place. I loved how comfortable with my body this place made me feel.

Saturday Night Parties

Szecheny Party

The Saturday night parties are really something you have to experience to believe. The outdoor area basically becomes a giant thermal pool rave dance party. Not much else I can say about it. It’s a giant party. In a giant thermal pool. It rules! People get loose and you will make all sorts of new friends.


This place has it all and is reason enough to travel to Budapest Hungary. I have a special place in my heart for the Szechenyi Thermal Baths and cannot wait until my next stay in Budapest so I may visit it again. For more information on Szechenyi Thermal Baths and the other baths and pools of Budapest check out these sites:

Szecheny Party

Davey Mastrine is a Registered Financial Advisor.

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