New Orleans Insectarium

The Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium is a MUST see location when you are in New Orleans. It is right on Canal St. and is very inexpensive, at the time of me writing this tickets were $18 a person. As soon as you walk in there are incredible glass box displays of live bugs that will blow your mind. From giant centipedes to beetles that play dead the myriad of bugs on display are always growing and changing.


Upon first entering the facility there are many amazing glass enclosures but the first major one that blew my mind was the giant Leaf Cutter Ant display. It is one huge ant farm enclosed in glass so you can view the tunnels, all the workers and the loafers. It is truly a site to behold.


Lots of other great displays as you make your way through. Giant spiders and black widows, swimming beetles, many different species of roaches, and even a full functioning bee hive for your viewing pleasure.


The next major area is like a curated museum of deceased bugs artistically displayed on canvas. It is hard to put this area in to words but just think of it as an art gallery where every piece is a beautifully designed pattern of dried dead bugs. This would have been my favorite area had I not known what was about to come next…



As you enter the 2 door air locked chamber and out the other end you find yourself in a butterfly atrium where the beautiful creatures are flying around freely all around you. You can literally put your arm out and have a butterfly land on it and crawl up your hand to get an up and personal look at these beautiful creatures. The area is designed like some sort of Fern Gully Forest and even has a fully functioning koi pond. This is truly a magical end to the Insectarium. Walking around being one with the bugs as they fly around you like some sort of fairy tale.

Like I said if you are in New Orleans you absolutely have to see this place it is worth every penny and minute you spend there. Kid friendly but can only truly be appreciated by an adult.

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Davey Mastrine is a Registered Financial Advisor.

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