Peter Luger Steakhouse Brooklyn

Peter Luger Steakhouse

Peter Luger Steakhouse

Located in Brooklyn NY, Peter Luger Steakhouse is a great place for anyone who wants to eat a comically large steak and enjoys being emasculated by waiters that look like they double as a barbershop quartet. The place is like 100 years old or something (it is actually over 100 years old) which shows in numerous ways most notably that the staff is mostly ghosts whose souls cannot exit the establishment. Ghosts that serve up a steak fit for Fred Flinstone.

Fred Flinstone

My waiter asked me if I needed too see a menu or not in a way that made me feel that the real men who come to this place just perch on their seat and yell “meat! meat! Chet hungry!” while slamming their shoes on the table until the food comes out. Really strange sides that include inch thick bacon slices and a platter that is just raw tomato and onion slices. Nothing like a pile of delicious raw onions to get you prepped for your meat slab. The main course is divided up by how many people will be eating the steak. Steak for 2, steak for 5, no sides just a question of how many people will be will be getting elbow deep in some steak.


One of the luxurious side dishes available at this fine establishment. The classic “Raw Tomato & Onions on an Oval Dish” appetizer.

When the main course arrives it comes sizzling and does not disappoint in the category of presentation. For some reason the steak is pre-cut for you when it arrives as if it is being served to a baby in a high chair who would be eating with their hands. The waiter even picks up the first bite for you and puts it on your plate and then drizzles some steak blood/grease on it like a nurturing father figure. My only guess is that anyone they deem not manly enough for their food they serve this way in order to humiliate you. The steak is delicious.


wait staff

The ghostly staff of Peter Luger Steakhouse. Cue the harpsichord.

It was my birthday (as well as 5 other people that night) and my friends had them sing me a song and bring me a slice of cheesecake. The old ghost men floated out in to the room singing and throwing gold medallions (chocolate) on to the table as well as a frighteningly huge dish of whipped cream for unknown reasons. All in all it was a great experience and if you are looking to get dominated by a ghost barbershop quartet then this is your place.


Davey Mastrine is a Registered Financial Advisor.

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