The Dryden Hotel


The Dryden Hotel located in Dryden NY (right outside of Ithaca NY) is a Resteraunt and hotel that caters to people from all walks of life. A wide array of food make it a dive bar / classy ale house hybrid. The wings and pizza are especially good and there is always time to play a quick game of darts when you need to pass some time.

Originally a hotel dating back to the 1880’s the Dryden hotel was refurbished to its current self in the early 2000’s. From the website:

The Legend Continues. Our history dates back to 1844 when an early settler named Tom Lewis rented rooms in a building on Main Street in Dryden. That building was later enlarged and converted into the Grove Hotel. Over many years, the historic building underwent many rehabilitations after setbacks from fire and water damage. Through it all, it was regarded as a prestigious meeting place for local residents and those traveling from afar. Today, the Dryden Hotel continues to be a favorite meeting place for friends, local businesses and families. In addition to the restaurant, it is home to a barber shop and residents that occupy the studio apartments on the second floor.

The Dryden Hotel

The clientele of this establishment is truly a diverse one. I do not mean diverse in race (I have never seen a person of color in our around this establishment and you can probably guess why), but rather diverse in levels of finance and intelligence. I have seen the most racist ignorant redneck to the most polite families patron this establishment, it is truly a site to behold. Lots of really disgusting homophobic racist white trash can be found here but there is still something that occasionally draws me to this establishment. Maybe I just like to gawk at the train wreck of humans that are getting drunk in their Big Dawg and various other biker shirts.

I have had many a good time at this place with good friends, its like travelling back in time, only there is pizza wings and cheap beer.

Davey Mastrine is a Registered Financial Advisor.

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